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canada goose clearance Nova Scotia’s capital is a hip, harbor hugging city and its 400,000 citizens know how to have some serious fun. But Halifax has a past that’s been touched by tragedy, too: Most famously so in April 1912, when the RMSTitanicwent down in the North Atlantic Ocean. Being the closest major port to the site of the capsized ship,Halifaxbecame the base for recovery operations, and international attention focused on the city as wreckage and remains filtered through. canada goose clearance

In this centennial year, the spotlight is being switched on again in Halifax asTitanicaficionados from near, far, from wherever they are flock in. Here’s the how to for a perfect (and poignant) weekend escape.

Start by boning through the backstory at theMaritime Museum of the Atlantic, which houses a stellar collection ofTitanicartifacts, ranging from a tear inducing pair of baby shoes to one of the liner’s only intact deckchairs. From April 12 through October 31, it also hosts an exhibit highlighting two local ships that participated canada goose outlet online in the recovery process and returned home with 205 bodies. Through June, another display is devoted to photos of grave markers erected for the 150 victims buried here.

To properly pay your respects, visit theFairview Lawn Cemetery, the final resting place for 121 of theTitanic’svictims. canada goose black friday sale 2019 Their simple granite headstones aren’t hard to find: Just follow the well trodden path or scan the grassy site for a curious pile of tchotchkes that fans of James Cameron’s film occasionally leave at the one honoring 23 year canada goose outlet boston old J. Dawson, an onboard coal trimmer.

Canada Goose Coats On Sale Both the museum and cemetery factor prominently canada goose outlet mall in special anniversary events, too. On the evening of Saturday, April 14, a candlelit public procession begins at the museum and winds up to the Grand Parade (a colonial military site) for a music filled commemorative program. After a moment’s silence at 12:20am (the timeTitanicstarted going down), flares will go off to symbolize her distress calls. Its boutique rooms mix period furnishings with 21st century canada goose uk site perks. All 29 have fluffy duvets and some have fireplaces, making this ideal on chilly spring nights. Canada Goose Coats On Sale

Alternately, book a room at theLord Nelson. Built in 1928, this landmark facing the city’s gorgeousPublic GardenspostdatesTitanic, but still has plenty of gilded, grande dame appeal.

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canada goose coats on sale cheap canada goose For trueTitaniccred, no restaurant rivalsFive Fishermen, across from the Grand Parade. Part of its splurge worthy dining room was once Snow’s Funeral Home, where wealthy passengers including John Jacob Aster were “laid out.” Today, wine bottles line the rope pulled elevator, which brought bodies up, while the original embalming area has morphed into a room for private parties. Throughout April, the eatery offers a $46 prix fixe menu featuring dishes served atTitanic’s last supper (like salmon mousseline and Waldorf pudding). canada goose coats on sale

canada goose uk black friday For a quick nosh right on the water, try theSeaport Farmers’ Market. The architecturally striking venue sells finger food plus takeaway treats. Look outside for the statue of Halifax born shipping magnate Samuel Cunard: His line’sCarpathia, the first vessel to reachTitanic, rescued some 700 passengers. Flying time is about 90 minutes fromBoston, two hours fromNYC. canada goose uk black friday

John B. “Jack” Thayer, who boarded the ship at age 17 with his parents, printed his recollections of the catastrophe as a family record in 1940 canada goose outlet locations in toronto and made just 500 copies.

canada goose The tome was recently unearthed byLorin Stein, editor of theParis Review, who recalled a family tie he had to the canada goose outlet new york Titanic afterLuke Pontifell, who runs handmade book publisherThornwillow Press, said he wished he could track down documents from the ship. canada goose

buy canada goose jacket “Suddenly, I half remembered that a distant cousin of mine had written an eyewitness account and had given my great grandfather a copy,” Stein said. “My mother found the book in my grandfather’s library when he died.” buy canada goose jacket

In the pages, Thayer recalls boarding in Southampton as a first class passenger. As the ship sank 800 miles off New York on April 14, 1912, he was separated from his parents but assumed they had made it into a lifeboat. cheap canada goose parka He describes how he jumped: “The shock of the water took the breath out of my lungs. Down and down I went, spinning in all directions.”

Canada Goose Parka Thayer clung to an overturned lifeboat as he watched the Titanic go down. “Suddenly the whole superstructure… appeared to split… and blow and buckle upwards,” he wrote. Canada Goose Parka

“We could see groups of the almost 1,500 people still aboard, clinging in clusters of bunches like swarming bees; only to fall in masses, pairs or singly, as the great after part of the ship, 250 feet of it, canada goose outlet store winnipeg rose into the sky, till it reached a 65 or 70 degree angle.”

Thayer was rescued by a lifeboat. His mother survived, but his canada goose uk discount code father perished.

cheap canada goose uk Thornwillow is hosting a dinner April 4 at the St. Regis Hotel, where it has a library. The hotel was built by John Jacob Astor, who died on the Titanic. The imprint is making 5,000 copies of the book with a foreword by Stein. cheap canada goose uk

Canada Goose online “Shadow of the Titanic: The Extraordinary Stories of Those Who Survived,” by Andrew Wilson, Atria Books, 2012, 400 pages, $25 Canada Goose online.

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