Advice from the Environmental Defenders Office (Queensland)

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cheap Canada Goose I considered it, tbh. We live together which makes things complicated. I confronted her when I found out (thanks to an app as I had some suspicions) and she said she not do it again. The prime minister has seized on claims a canada goose shop regent street Labor government could quash canada goose outlet toronto Adani’s Queensland coal mine, accusing Bill Shorten of duplicity in telling job hungry miners one thing and Greens leaning individuals another.The advice has emerged after businessman and canada goose uk black friday anti Adani campaigner Geoff Cousins claimed Labor leader Bill Shorten said he would revoke the mine licence if the environmental evidence didn stack up.Mr Cousins appeared on ABC 7.30 last night and said he now feared Mr Shorten was backing away from taking a public position against the mine.Today it has also emerged that environmental campaigners paid for Mr Shorten to travel to the Great Barrier Reef to discuss his position during an unpublicised trip.Advice from the Environmental Defenders Office (Queensland) dated 31 January, 2018 said the licence could be revoked if the Environment Minister believed a significant matter was not identified during the original assessment, or the approval would not have been granted if the minister had this new information.The advice suggested a minister wishing to revoke approval of the mine could initiate a review of information about key impacts including:1. Climate change and its effects on the Great Barrier Reef;2. Threatened species such as the Black throated Finch; andEnvironment Minister Josh Frydenberg confirmed the licence could be revoked under section 145 of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act if new information came to light, or if the proponent or by direct omission left out critical information here the critical point, that information is not at hand, Mr Frydenberg told Sky News.While Labor has not confirmed an official policy, Mr Shorten appears to have changed his previous noncommittal stance to say he was sceptical of the project.A spokesman for Mr Shorten confirmed he sought a meeting with the Australian Conservation Foundation and Mr Cousins to discuss the mine.visit renewed Bill convictions on the importance of protecting the reef and the environment, the spokesman secret that Bill is deeply sceptical of the proposed Adani coal mine cheap Canada Goose.

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