5 biggest cryptocurrency purchases or a billion pizza

After the appearance of cryptocurrency and the possibility of exchanging them for each other, goods and services, for a long time such an exchange remained the lot of a few crypto-enthusiasts from both the selling and buying sides. There were few transactions, some of them were, as we now see, a curious character, many of them were preserved only in folklore — thematic branches on bitcointalks.org. The European fintech company Worldcore has prepared a review of the five largest known property purchase transactions for Bitcoin.

“The highest volatility of the cryptocurrency rate at the low until recently capitalization of the market did not allow using Bitcoin as a full-fledged medium of exchange,” comments Alexey Nasonov, head of Worldcore and worldcore.trade, “Purchases for cryptocurrency, if we compare them with the monetary system of any country – this is how goods enter the market with today’s hyperinflation and tomorrow’s hyperdeflation. Neither of which stability of the course is out of the question, therefore the deals are not only irregular, but extremely rare, non-public. In the morning, either the buyer will clutch his head, or the seller will find a way to get the sold asset back. ”

 Fly on a private jet 

5th place in the ranking of major asset purchase transactions for Bitcoin is the purchase in 2013 by Oliver Janssens of a private jet flight from Brussels to Nice. The multimillionaire has ordered a flight from a privately held private-jet operator PrivateFly.com. The details of the booking were not disclosed, but according to CoinDesk, such a flight could cost from about 10 to 55 Bitcoins at that time, depending on the size of the leased plane.

Porsche Cayman S for cryptocurrency

4th place is taken by the same year’s purchase of a Porsche Cayman S by an anonymous buyer from a Texas family, who paid 300 Bitcoins to become the owner of a great car. About the buyer, it is known that he was “a young businessman engaged in various things: from construction to the production and sale of food and beverages.”

House with property

The third place belongs to the sale of Didi Tayhuttu – a Dutch IT specialist, a miner since 2012, the father of three children – his own house with all the property for 85 Bitcoins in the autumn of 2017. Since then, the family lives in campsites, and Didi crypto-gangelist, because of his desperate adventurism, has become a media person, ICO consultant, together with his wife raising children himself, sending 20% ​​of his income to buying cryptocurrencies and going to keep Bitcoin until 2020.

House for 6 million US dollars

2nd place is the sale by the entrepreneur Michael Komaransky of his home in Coral Gables, Miami, with an area of ​​900 square meters in February 2018 for 455 bitcoins (about 6 million US dollars at the time). Interestingly, the transaction took place at the end of January 2018, with a bitcoin price of about 10 thousand dollars for 1 bitcoin, and a week later the BTC / USD rate fell by more than 35% to 6,200 per unit.

According to Alexei Nasonov, in the analysis made by his specialists, there were many real estate transactions, but as a rule, the parties to these transactions did not disclose either the value or their anonymity, so the top-5 included the largest transaction with a known price and one known from the sides.

Pizza for 10,000 bitcoins or more than 4 billion rubles

1 place in the most expensive purchases for bitcoin took, takes and will take the legendary purchase of two pizzas for 10 000 bitcoins in May 2010 by a programmer from Florida Laszlo Heinitz. At that time, Bitcoin was not yet a global exchange commodity and it was impossible to determine its true value. It is only known that, according to various estimates, it was from about 0.8 to 0.3 US cents. In the forum thread bitcointalk.org he wrote on May 18 that he was ready to exchange 10,000 bitcoins for two pizzas with delivery. And after 4 days there was a man with the nickname “jercos”, who paid two pizzas of Papa John’s on the map and indicated the delivery address of Laszlo. Since May 22, all crypto-evangelicals are celebrated as Bitcoin Pizza Day, and the cost at the moment of these pizzas is conducted online in a special chart, and Laszlo Heinitz forever became “a person

 The cost of the "Day of Bitcoin Pizza" from May 22, 2010

The purchase price on “Pizza Day for Bitcoins” dated May 22, 2010, according to the data of the chart https://www.theatlas.com/charts/Hk8eS6WyX.

Do I need to invest in cryptocurrencies now or has the train left?

Summing up this shopping list, Worldcore analysts note that if you distribute these sales transactions on a timeline and compare it with Bitcoin growth, you can see that interest in such purchases is timed to the local maximums of cryptocurrency costs. The interest of sellers of property is not caused by the cryptoactive asset itself, received in exchange, but its value, expressed in the traditional currency. Therefore, strictly speaking, these are transactions not of sale, but of direct exchange of one asset for another. To fully recognize Bitcoin as a monetary unit, two things are missing: capitalization, due to the insufficient value of which, the stock exchange rate of an asset is subject to strong volatility, and a convenient exchange mechanism for goods and services. Such a mechanism, for example, as all used and accepted credit card.

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