Do I need to invest in cryptocurrencies now or has the train left?

Since the creation of a cryptocurrency exchange rate, bitcoin has shown a positive trend with small corrective drops. The cost of bitcoin today is more than 6,700 dollars, and in December 2017 the price of bitcoin was more than 15 thousand dollars. Is it profitable to invest in cryptocurrency and invest in bitcoins or other “coins”? Sergey Baryshnikov, President of GodChain Group, an investor makes his forecast.

The relevance of investment in cryptocurrency

Positive dynamics – a controversial statement. Those who bought the cue ball for $ 15,000 are unlikely to consider the prolonged correction to be positive.

But those who are just thinking about investing in the crypt may have time to jump into the last car of the departing train. The sales season will not last forever, I think Bitcoin will catch up in September.

Speaker - Sergey Baryshnikov, President of GodChain Group, investor

Speaker – Sergey Baryshnikov, President of GodChain Group, investor

To make it clearer, let’s show in numbers. In 2016, bitcoin would have cost you $ 579, and now $ 6400. That is, opening an account in Bitcoin exactly two years ago would now have a profit of 1100%. And he is still in the stage of correction. And if we talk about the “December” price – then x31.

But any “classic” trader will warn that buying an asset showing continuous growth over time is dangerous. And he will be right. Right when it comes to commodity futures and currency pairs of the Forex market.

But in cryptoindustry, everything is different. Although the first crypt was created in 2008 – it is still a new and just getting on its feet market. Most of the potential investors not only did not invest their funds in it, but did not even hear about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies . Thinking wrong? Then ask your friends who are interested in good and profitable investments – whether they invested in a crypt and if they are interested in an asset that can make x10 in a year.

If many people answer negatively to the first question, no one will refuse the second sentence. That is, in the near future the crypto industry will be overwhelmed by a huge wave of new investors. And what will happen to her course? Especially when you consider that, for example, more than 17 million coins out of 21 million possible have already been issued for Bitcoin – that is, supply is limited and pent-up demand is huge because of the attractiveness of this asset to a wide audience.5 tips for 

investors in cryptocurrencies from EXANTE analyst Viktor Argonov

How to reduce the risks of investment in the blockchain industry?

The current state of affairs is the result of the actions of large players and speculators. For non-professional investors, two recommendations reduce the risks of investment in the blockchain industry:

  1. consider for yourself only long-term (a year, two or more) investments against short-term transactions of several months – so you will minimize the risks of becoming a victim of market manipulation.
  2. Be patient and do not make hasty decisions based on a possible negative news background.

Blockchain is a promising technology that will bring serious dividends to its investors.

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