How to earn bitcoins using your phone in 2018

Modern smartphones are almost the same as personal computers and laptops. And therefore, smartphone owners can also earn bitcoins. How to earn bitcoins using your phone in 2018:

  1. performance of tasks;
  2. work on bitcoin cranes;
  3. Online Games;
  4. use of mining programs.

You can also increase your profits by participating in various bonus promotions and attracting refels. Sometimes, profits from attracting refovov can bring in many times greater profits than the main income.

The choice of cryptocurrency for earnings

how to earn bitcoins with your phone

There is a huge variety of cryptocurrencies. But in order to choose a reliable one, it is necessary to analyze the situation in the markets.

In terms of practicality and convenience, the best currency to make money is Bitcoin. Now, they can pay for their purchases even without an exchange – this is the main advantage. Ethereum , Lightcoin , Bitcoin Cash also have a high level of trust . They are time tested and reliable enough, but, nevertheless, it is not easy to get them from smartphones.

For making money from smartphones, Monero is most suitable – a currency that has the necessary technological base and is well-proven. Some mining programs after launch automatically select this cryptocurrency and start mining right away.

Less well known, but a reliable currency DigitalNote, it is more often chosen by more advanced users who are well versed in cryptocurrencies.

Selection and creation of a mobile wallet

To start working with bitcoins, you need to register and install a bitcoin wallet on your smartphone. Many good wallets have been developed, but the most sought-after are:

  • Bitcoin wallet is a good wallet for working with cryptocurrency . It is easy to use and has high protection against hacking. For the convenience of users, the wallet can work on the most common operating systems: Blackberry, Android and iOS.
  • GreenBits – the program is similar to the previous one, has the same functions and is also quite popular among users due to its ease of use.
  • Copay – designed for gadgets running on Windows Phone OS. Is the best of its kind for this platform.
  • Mycelium Wallet – is the most secure way to store funds. Money is stored in a separate folder to which there is no access via the Internet.

If the user is going to use not only a smartphone, but also a computer, you can use the Blockchain site. After registering with the online wallet, you can log in from any device. A significant disadvantage is its low protection against hacking.

How to choose the best wallet for cryptocurrency

After selecting and registering a wallet, you can go directly to work.

Features earning on mining from a smartphone

To engage in mining from a smartphone database of a special application will not work. So, how to earn Bitcoins using the phone can only be after downloading and installing the application.

How to earn Bitcoins using Android phone apps:

  • MinerGate is a very famous mining program for smartphones. The main advantage is ease of use. To get started, you just need to enter e-mail, select the desired currency and press the “Start” key. But, it will not be possible to use it for free, you will need to buy cloud mining for Bitcoins.
  • ARM Miner is another application with a simple cryptocurrency mining interface. You only need to download, run ARM Miner and press the “Start” key. The only drawback is the often pop-up advertising window, which can be waived by paying the full version.
  • HashFlare is a program for advanced miners that has worked well. One of the most reliable. First you need to register and specify an e-mail address, set a login password and a pin code, and also immediately add a bitcoin wallet. You can withdraw funds daily, you can use bank transfers, only for this you have to accumulate an amount of $ 500.

Earning Bitcoins without attachments on the phone with iOS

How to earn bitcoins using ios phone? There are also programs for mining at Apple, but they are much smaller than for androids. Accordingly, making money using an android phone is much easier. Work on the iPhone can only be subject to the availability of one of the most recent Apple models with the installed OS (operating system) of the latest model.

Types of cryptocurrency and the difference between them

The most popular applications for Apple are:

  • Coinface is an easy-to-use program that allows you to withdraw funds once a day. It allows you to mine on gadgets with iOS version above 9.0 installed.
  • Mobile Cryptocurrency Miner – the simplest program for work, but very demanding of the OS, will function only if the operating system version is not lower than 11.1.

Mining is energy-consuming, the smartphone must be constantly connected to the network, otherwise the battery will quickly discharge. With a constant mining smartphone is very hot, because of what the battery can fail very quickly.

Bitcoin Crane Revenue

Bitcoin Crane Revenue

Bitcoin tap is a simple and not complicated way to get bitcoins. How to make money using the phone on Bitcoin cranes:

  • Bitcoin Crane is an application that millions of users use. Allows you to collect Satoshi every 11 minutes.

Satoshi is a structural part of a cryptocurrency, which is one hundred millionth bitcoin.

  • BitMaker – pays for viewing ads and downloading applications. It makes it possible to extract not only Bitcoin, but also Ethereum.
  • Free Bitcoins is a popular bitcoin tap designed for iOS. Allows you to make a profit every half hour.
  • Earn Bitcoin is the second most popular application that can be downloaded from the Apple Store. You can earn by answering questions and letters.
  • Claim Free Bitcoin is a lottery tap that allows you to win Satoshi every 15 minutes. The maximum win amount is 1000 Satoshi. The main disadvantage is the minimum amount for withdrawal – 20 thousand Satoshi.

Earning Bitcoins on your phone using Bitcoin cranes is a very killer way, because you can enter and execute buildings from your smartphone anywhere at any convenient time.

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How to earn bitcoins using the phone, playing online games?

For fans of online games there is a good opportunity to spend leisure time with benefits. There are a number of online games that make it possible to earn income:

  • Bitcoin Crush is one of the most popular games with a withdrawal on an electronic wallet. During the game, you need to collect as many crystals as you can, which can then be converted to satoshi.
  • Bitcoin Aliens is an online game in which you need to fight evil aliens. The more enemies will be destroyed, the greater the income. You can withdraw daily, the minimum payout is 20 thousand Satoshi.
  • Sarutobi – an exciting arcade game that draws in itself from the first minutes of the game. The user plays for a monkey, jumping on the vines and collecting coins, which are then transferred to Satoshi. The game is available for on Android and iOS. The only drawback is the withdrawal of funds – occurs once at the end of the month.
  • Bitcoin Flapper – something like the game Angry Birds. The player controls the bird, which must fly around obstacles. The higher the level, the greater the flight speed of the bird, and it becomes more difficult to play. The amount of income depends on the distance that the bird will be able to overcome. You can also organize team competitions and increase profits. One of the most profitable online games is 20,000 Satoshi per hour.

What other ways of earning cryptocurrency from the phone exist?

To get bitcoins from your smartphone, you can also write comments, read letters, open advertising sites, watch videos. Payment depends on the complexity of the tasks. This option for cryptocurrency is more suitable for beginners. Payment takes place immediately after the assignment, so there is less chance of facing fraud. You can quickly get income, the main thing is to look more often, whether new tasks have appeared, but to fulfill them immediately.

Making money using the phone in 2018 is quite possible, the main thing is to choose a convenient and suitable option.

Interesting Facts:

  • For bitcoins you can buy space flight. Virgin Galactic company offers for 350 Bitcoins to buy a place on the ship, go to the stratosphere and spend 5 minutes in zero gravity.
  • Now there are more than 160 different cryptocurrencies. But only a few of them became famous and really expensive. As of July 2018, the cost of one bitcoin is higher than 7.5 thousand dollars.
  • With the help of mining daily in the world 3600 bitcoins are mined. For mining use: mining farms, laptops, computers, tablets and smartphones.

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