Cryptocurrency market forecast for early 2019 from experts

There are forecasts that by the beginning of 2019 the cost of cryptocurrency will increase by 30%, during the new year this growth will continue. But we must remember that recently we have already witnessed a rapid growth of the “crypt”, which has enriched the lucky ones, but then brought with it a sharp collapse of the course, which was predictable for experienced stock market players.

Sergey Vivier, ICO SETUP specialist, reports that now is the right time to invest in cryptocurrencies. The market has ceased to be something new and frightening, there are well-established mechanisms for depositing and withdrawing funds. Bitcoin, as well as a number of other popular coins have sagged noticeably in the past six months, which allows investors, even with small amounts, to start trading. The high volatility of the coins allows you to make a profit in a short time. However, it is worth understanding the possible risks of a further fall in the rate to 2 years ago, when one Bitcoin cost about $ 2,000.

Some experts believe that bitcoin can be used as a means of storing assets along with gold. What prospects for the cryptocurrency market are predicted by other experts?

The founder of the Galaxy Digital Bank Mike Novograc is confident that the cryptocurrency market is ready for significant growth. The expert is confident that the interest of large investors will lead to an increase in the role of cryptocurrency as a phenomenon. He said that many exchanges and large companies, such as Starbucks and Microsoft, are beginning to look more seriously at the phenomenon of cryptocurrency. “Now we are seeing institutional investors entering the market,” Novograts said, hinting that the growth of interest and recognition from the giant companies will lead to an inevitable increase in the importance and cost of digital assets, according to

Why do cryptocurrency investors show a lot of activity? The founder of Galaxy Digital connects this with the fact that large businessmen do not want to miss the opportunity to increase their own capital due to the growth of the digital currency market. Most likely, the popularity of cryptocurrency will increase again and will become an integral part of the financial portfolios of most people. Moreover, to create a cryptocurrency under the force of each innovator. The expert believes that in the near future, the cryptocurrency will be able, due to the growing number of providers, to get into pension and other state funds.

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