Crypto coins – is it new money or HYIP?

2017 was the ICO boom. In 2018, a record amount of investment funds was collected in ICO. So why are digital cryptomonettes so popular among investors and the public?

New cryptomonettes for a long time were considered as HYIP. So it was until the society understood their functionality and benefits in action. The most obvious example of bitcoin. Back in 2009, bitcoin was an unknown coin to anyone; after 9 years, one coin of the treasured bitcoin brings thousands of dollars to its owners.

If you compare the traditional money and cryptocurrency , then the latter have several advantages.

Traditional money acts only as a means of payment for goods and services, while crypto money also has a broader functionality. They, as well as the usual money, you can pay for goods and services, as well as in some companies, the purchase of a certain number of coins gives their owner a place in the consulting and management boards of the company.

Cryptocurrencies are a class of electronic money, the possibility of losing them in the usual way disappears, and in order to crack the crypto-purse, you must be at least a little programmer or a computer hacker.

Of course, today there are a lot of fraudulent ICOs with the same fictitious cryptomonet. To invest in one such is to waste money. Therefore, it is extremely important to choose a worthwhile ICO with a promising coin.

How to choose cryptomonet?

When choosing a cherished coin, a landmark should be kept on the company that released it. Preference should be given to existing organizations operating in the market for 3 years, so that in future the rate of cryptomonet and their cost will not bring disappointment.

The company must have all the necessary documents (White Paper, Bounty program, etc.).

The problems that the company is going to solve should be relevant. It is worth paying attention to what smart contract a coin was drawn up for, what standard.

As for the ICO area of ​​the company, it can be any. In recent years, ICO projects related to the usual areas of human activity have gained popularity. The most popular areas are nutrition, medicine.

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Soon everyone, to get the ICO coin of the Food Industry project, will be able to implement this process. International Food Delivery Service When Hungry enters the ICO in February 2019. The excitement around the WHY tokens does not subside for a single day. Both large funds and owners of restaurant businesses want to get the cherished coins, which is confirmed by the number of applications coming to the service.

The WHY coin will allow its owners to exchange it on the exchange more profitably for other coins or money during periods of growth, to pay for purchases on the service, and with a certain amount, it will provide owners with a place on the company’s boards. 
Medical companies have not yet publicly presented ICO projects to society, which means there is no possibility for investors to buy coins from the medical field.

Future cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency will not be able to completely force out traditional money in the next 5-7 years. But the fact that it will become a reality in 10 years can be believed.

The difficulty in using cryptocurrencies lies only in the fact that as long as they are not legalized at the state level. However, today many stores accept bitcoins as an additional option for customers. So, to call cryptomonettes HYIP will not work at all, rather, it’s a new form of money, and perhaps their future.

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