ICO Food Companies are resistant to cryptocurrency market fluctuations

Why are ICO Food companies resistant to cryptographic fluctuations? Not so long ago, the company Iryo, which proposed a project in the health sector, refused to hold an ICO. The realized sales stage of Pre-ICO, all the money collected during the sales period, was distributed to investors.

The project management explained this decision by the fact that the ICO market today is not in the best condition.

Bitcoin has really fallen in price, but the cryptocurrency market has always been subject to similar fluctuations. The rapid fall of Bitcoin after a month can turn into a sharp price rise. Recall the situation in December 2017.

As a result, the ICO market again remained without a blockchain project of a medical orientation. Given today’s trends in investing in ordinary areas of society, Iryo’s ICO could be effective.

Perhaps the founders have shown excessive care and caution, abandoning the implementation of the subsequent ICO .

However, the ICO market will soon replenish the project from a no less promising area for investment – power. International Food Delivery Aggregator When Hungry is preparing to release the WHY token. Unlike its colleagues, the company decided not to refuse and not postpone the ICO deadline. Start is scheduled for February 2019.

The founders will implement the Pre-Sale sales phase, where WHY tokens can be purchased at the best price. Investors are also attracted by unique offers. For example, any investor who owns from 10% of the company’s tokens will automatically get into the management board of the company, with a purchase from 5 to 10% – to the consulting.

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The versatility of using WHY tokens stirs interest not only in their purchase, but also in earnings. When Hungry will be implemented as many as three bonus programs: referral, Bounty, AirDrop. You can participate in several at once, provided that each task of the programs is carried out separately.

Despite the fluctuations in the crypto market, the demand for WHY coins is high, judging by the number of applications from potential investors of the project. Perhaps the whole thing in the project. In itself, nutrition is a basic human need, so its relevance to society is obvious. As a result, growing interest in all food market projects. In the future, the food market companies implementing ICO will become much more.

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